The Art of Breathing –

                    Special events and course accompanying “Take a Breather – Now”

Family, job, society – life’s demands are high, sometimes too high. The result is worries, fears and stress. We lose our inner balance and are left without any power and energy.  We function but we don’t live. Yet we have our very own resource that will help us deal with stress and tension and lead a healthier life. 

Breath is life. Our breath is our companion from birth until the end of our lives. One of the main reasons of tension and stress comes from our mind constantly being either in the past or in the future. The breath will bring our mind to the present moment. It connects the outer world of activity with the inner world of silence.

This course, designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, will teach you: 

  • Practical knowledge and relaxation techniques for every day 
  • meditation and powerful breathing techniques 
  • Sudarshan Kriya, a unique breathing technique 

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend this course held by Regina Bönsel! Exhale your stress and inhale happiness! 

You can take a sneak peek at the special event right before the course – a special event in the true sense of the meaning! You will be surprised!

The courses are offered regularly also in your region. If you would rather take this course later please send a message to info[at] for more information or find your course on


Wisdom by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"The Guru of Joy"

by Francois Gautier

When I was a child, some astrologer told my mother: "Your son was born on Shankar jayanti day and he is going to leave you, he will become an ascetic." This made her anxious, but I reassured her that I would not leave her. 

However, all her relatives would berate her: "What has happened to your son? He talks philosophy, he does not behave like a normal person ... You better find him a job and get him married quickly," they would advise.

Then, once again, she would feel a little confused for a couple of days, until Pitaji would console her saying: "Don't worry, he has very fine stars, he will turn out well, don't worry."

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